M/s. PERSONNEL SERVICES BUREAU, was officially established in 1977 and has shown a continued, uninterrupted growth in operation. For authentication purposes, we have enclosed a copy of our Employment Service License through which we have supplied more than 55000 peoples to various countries belonging to different trades. Our head office is located in Karachi, which is the largest city of Pakistan, we have also our Branch offices in Seoul (South Korea) and Jeddah (Saudi Arabia).

We are Manpower Suppliers, Contractors and are a Government Authorized Recruiting Agent formed with a view of cater for the needs of extending its comprehensive services to the foreign principals as well as to the intending emigrants. This agency recruits experienced and highly skilled manpower in all realms in all cadres and capacities with dedications and realization of its responsibilities, this saving its foreign principals from all sorts of problems. Anxieties, frustrations, troubles etc, in this regard. It has sole determination of “PROVIDING REAL AND ENDEAVORING HANDS TO ITS FOREIGN PRINCIPALS”. We always emphasized on capabilities, perfection and competency of the technical and skilled personnel. It may be mentioned that as excellence and leading performer as manpower exporter, PERSONNEL SERVICES BUREAU ARE AWARD WINNERS FROM THE GOVERNMENT OF PAKISTAN, as major manpower suppliers, which is a rare phenomenon in the arena of manpower export business.

Manpower is most critical aspect of any business function. For any business to prosper, equipping the organization with modern machinery, office tools alone with not serve, but to ensure the right deployment of the right person for the right job, without compromising on the quality, will make a mark. Here is where the services of Personnel Services Bureau come in. we have always been successful in delivering the right candidate for the right job at the right price, as can be seen from the list of our principals.

At the present we are providing Pakistani Manpower to various companies throughout the World. The majority of our principals are based in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, U.A.E, Angola (Africa), Laos, Malaysia, and South Korea. As far as our reputation is concerned the same can be testified from the Embassy of Pakistan in your Country.


The employer must authorize PSB to recruit the candidates and apply for the visas. For this, we require a Power of Attorney and Demand Letter from the employer attested by the Embassy / Consulate of the country the employer will recruit from, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the host country.



ONLINE REGISTRATION (www.psbpakistan.com)

We received by way of CV’s is then fed into our updated data base, category wise. We have a vast resource in our data bank, both candidates using effective communication mode like e-mail, telephones, letters, personal visit we achieve the principal’s deadlines.


Based on the requirement of personnel / manpower from our clients, we go through our data base and our web site and pull out the resumes of the candidates as per the principals specifications based on the qualifications, experience, exposures, specific skills requirement, language skills, health & medical requirements.

Once the initial process of sourcing the relevant resumes is over, our team then double checks the same along with the supporting documents pertaining to qualification, experience, reference checks and travel documents.Subsequently the candidates are called to our offices for personal interviews and are evaluated for their basic skills, physical & mental health, job qualification skills, language proficiency etc…

Our local branch offices send reports to the Head Office with the availability of the potential prospects together with the CV’s and our team are qualified and experienced technical personnel from various disciplines like Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Structural and Marine Engineers to Catering Manager, then further screen the CV’s and Invite only those candidate who meet our principals requirement for the preliminary interview to our office and for the  practical tests at the Trade Centre, if required by the principal.

TRADE TESTING PROCEDURES, After the preliminary interview with our team, the short listed candidates are sent for a Trade Test, and his practical and theoretical knowledge is evaluated by a panel of Engineers at the Trade Centre along with our team. The  CV’s of the candidates along with our evaluation and the trade test results are sent to our principal for their approval.

PSB has its own trade test facilities and also tie ups with various technical institutions and training centers where we normally conduct trade test of the candidates for various categories like Welders, Mechanics, Pipe Fabricators,Fitters, Structural Welders, High Pressure Welders, Tig Welders, Mill Wright Fitters, Aluminum Fabricators,Plumbers, Masons, Carpenters, Electrician, Cable Jointers, Spray / Sandblaster Painters, Machinists, etc.

SELECTION PROCEDURE, All short listed candidates applications are sent to the principal if desired or retained with PSB for the interview and final selection by the principal. We also arrange telephonic or video conferencing interviews for the employers to interact directly with the short listed candidates and provide expert services for highly technical jobs. PSB prefers that the final selection be done by the employer / principal or by their authorized representative directly.

MEDICAL AND MOBILIZATION ,The selected candidates are sent for a medical examination to appointed or authorized medical centre. The documents of the medically fit candidates are handed over the employer to arrange for the necessary work permit/visas or otherwise we submit in embassy for endorsement of visa. On receipt of the same from the employer/embassy, we assists the candidates in getting the required clearance like immigration, ticket confirmation, etc and ensures that the prospects are mobilized at the earliest.

SERVICE CHARGES, PSB charges a nominal recruitment fee / service charge from the employer for the finally selected candidates for the employment abroad. In case wherein the employer wishes we charge the fees from the candidates. It is not obligatory on the part of the employer to pay any recruitment fees or commission to PSB. In the cases where the employer intends to pay PSB commission or fee, we do not charge any fees from the prospects.We sincerely hope that these facts are sufficient for you to make a determination for utilization of PERSONEL SERVICES BUREAU, as your appointed Pakistani Manpower Supplier/Contractor. Should you require any specific information, Please contact us by fax, telephone or e-mail.


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