This is very important to make prerequisite inquiries about the would be recruited employee. Following are checks:
  1. He is declared medically Fit by any GAMCA (Gulf Approved Medical Centers Association) approved medical centers
  2. He is not below twenty
  3. His testimonials are genuine
As a mandatory requirement we need the following documents from our principal abroad in the following manner.
  1. Power of Attorney
  2. Demand Letter
  3. Letter to the Embassy/Consulate
  4. Visa Slip (Original)
  5. Copy of C.R. & Identity Card
Note: For the convenience of our principal the specimen power of attorney, demand letter & letter the consulate are appended below.


We (Name & Address of Company) , CR No. ________________________ , do hereby delegate and appoint M/s Personnel Services Bureau, 136/B, S.M.C.H. Society, Ch Rehmat Ali Road, Karachi 74400 - Pakistan. OEP Licence No. 0345/Kar to by our true and lawful attorney in the recruitment of Pakistani manpower for employment with our company, sign employment contracts and handle all affairs and arrangements necessary for the recruitment under Visa No._____________   dated_________________ and dispatch of workers to (Name Of Company). and delegate this Power of Attorney to another persona as necessary for the above mentioned purposes, in witness thereof, we have executed this Power of Attorney on ( date ) at (city) .

Signature and Seal
Of Company


M/s Personnel Services Bureau
Personnel Services Bureau
136/B, S.M.C.H. Society
Ch Rehmat Ali Road, Karachi 74400

Dear Sir,
We, (Company’s Name and Address) do hereby place an order to select and recruit the following personnel from Pakistan for employment with our company as per terms and conditions mentioned below. Under Visa No. ______________ dated _____________________.

Terms and Conditions:
As per the attached sample contract.
Signature and Seal
Of Company

(Power of attorney and Demand Letters must be attested by the Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the host country).


Name of the employer’s embassy in Pakistan

Your Excellency,
Please be informed that we, (Company Name & Address), have appointed M/s Personnel Services Bureau, 136/B, S.M.C.H. Society, Ch Rehmat Ali Road, Karachi 74400 - Pakistan. OEP Licence No. 0345/Kar for the purpose of recruiting Pakistani workers and submitting their passports for the endorsement of work visas on our behalf under Visa No.______________ dated ___________________ for your information, we are honoured to enclose a copy of the Power of Attorney granted by us to the above named recruiting agent.

Your Excellency’s assistance to the said agency is highly appreciated.
Signature and Seal
of Company

On receipts of the above documents, we obtain permission of recruitment from the Protector of Emigrants. The requirement advertise in the largest circulated national newspaper of Pakistan to attract maximum nos. of prospective candidates against each category.